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    Aquastretch™: Ride The New Tidal Wave In Aquatic Therapy

    AquaStretch™ ATRI Certificate Manual 2011

    AquaStretch™: Fitness Research, Sherlock IAFC 2013

    AquaStretch™ Fitness Summary

    AquaStretch™ Frozen Shoulder Case Study, APTA, CSM 2014

    AquaStretch™ Frozen Shoulder - CSM2014, PowerPoint

    AquaStretch™ Health Cost Savings & Research Opportunities

    AquaStretch™ Intuition and Accenting

    AquaStretch™ Move With Me

    Comparing AquaStretch™ with Land Stretching for Chronic Lower Back Pain

    Aquatic pain relief takes a giant leap forward - May 2015 Splash! Page 73

    Aquatic pain relief takes a giant leap forward - May 2015 Splash! Page 74

    12 Week Pain Relief Chart Chronic Lower Back Pain

YouTube Videos

  1) Introduction to AquaStretch™
         Rehab, Fitness and Wellness Benefits
         Introduction to Intuitive Movement and Accenting

  2) AquaStretch™: Frozen Shoulder Testimonial

  3) AquaStretch™ PT: Physical Therapy Assistant Program Presentation
         What PTA's Say About AquaStretch™

  4) AquaStretch™ The Basics
         Wall Hang
         Intuitive Movement
         4 Basic Step Procedure
         The Relationship of Manual and Aquatic Therapy

  5) AquaStretch™: One Leg Standing
         More on "Intuitive Movement"
         Hip Fulcrum
         Appropriate Weight Application

  6) AquaStretch™: 2 Heavy Feet; Lean Back

  7) AquaStretch™: 2 Heavy Feet; Arch Forward

  8) AquaStretch™: 2 Heavy Feet; Hands/Lean on Wall

  9) AquaStretch™: 2 Heavy Feet; Back Against the Wall

  10) AquaStretch™: 2 Heavy Feet; Shoulder Roll

  11) AquaStretch™: Head Hang

  12) AquaStretch™ Overview: Theory & Questions
         Fascial Adhesion Theory
         Frozen Shoulder: Another Case Study Example
         Questions & Answers about AquaStretch™
         AquaStretch™ & Fibromyalgia
         How do you handle fearful or non-intuitive clients?
         Intentional Movement
         How does AquaStretch™ differ from other aquatic therapy?


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