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 "AquaStretch™ is a breakthrough
in pain management"

-F. Fuller Royal, M.D.
Medical Director
Nevada Clinic

 "AquaStretch™ surpasses any previous
therapies with regards to rapidity of
improvement,consistent reproducibility,
person satisfaction and cost effectiveness"

-Jack Anstandig, M.D.
Cleveland Clinic trained neurologist

 "Patients consistently report dramatic,
immediate and enduring pain relief
from AquaStretch™"

-Sal Biazzo, D.O.
Chief Medical Officer,
UNLV Student Health

 "AquaStretch™ significantly and
immediately restores flexibility and
reduces chronic aches and pains, up
to 100% first session. Try A/S first,
before surgeries or harmful narcotics"

-Jessica Huss PT, DPT

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information and to schedule
an appointment.
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AquaStretch™ for Rehabilitation

AquaStretch™ is spreading like wild fire throughout the fitness and wellness community since its first public debut in 2010. AquaStretch™ is spreading so quickly due to its unique, outstanding ability to quickly and significantly restore mobility and eliminate chronic aches and pains. Soon, AquaStretch™ will be accepted as the gold standard in aquatic physical therapy and as an indispensable fitness and wellness service.

I was one of the first AquaStretch™ instructors to be trained by its creator at the UNLV Wellness Center in 2010. Immediately I implemented this modality into my aquatic therapy practice. Since that time, my aquatic therapy practice has significantly changed. I currently use AquaStretch™ 80% of the time. Physical therapy patient and wellness client demand has forced me to utilize AquaStretch™ constantly.

AquaStretch™ is a breakthrough in aquatic therapy, pain management, physical medicine, and wellness programs. It often succeeds when other traditional treatments have failed. In addition, the benefits have been reported to last up to 3 to 4 times longer. Immediately, I realized it blew all other techniques (i.e., aquatic and land based procedures) right out of the water! (Or should I say "into the water?") AquaStretch™ reigns supreme in restoring ROM and decreasing pain. No other treatment compares (i.e, ultrasound, mobilizations, traditional manual and aquatic therapy techniques). My patients are demanding AquaStretch™ because of its immediate and profound results. They are also experiencing much less "treatment-induced" pain and a quicker overall recovery from their injuries.

   AquaStretch™ Rehab Applications:
       Chronic Pain
       Myofascial Pain
       Osteo/Rheumatoid Arthritis
       Pre/Post-Surgical Orthopedic and Neurological conditions
       Total Knee Replacements
       MRI confirmed disc herniations
       Multiple level spinal fusions
       Repetitive use Injuries
            ...and much more!

   AquaStretch™ may lower healthcare costs:

       Less need for Physical Medicine Services and Postpone Expensive Procedures/Tests


       Fewer Office Visits and Decreased Medication Use



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